Autoclave Pouch Directions for Use

Directions for use:
Insert items to be sterilized into the autoclave pouch and peel off the sealing strip. Insert sealing strip into the pouch along with the item to be sterilized. Remove backing from sealing strip. Fold over paper flap along perforation and press down firmly from the center outwards. The sealing strip is actually an indicator strip that confirms sterility inside the pouch. External process indicators reflect only that instruments have been processed. If using more than one such in the sterilizer, make sure that the plastic side of the pouch always faces paper side of the adjacent pouch. Use a pouch rack to eliminate stacking of the pouches. DO NOT remove pouches from the steriliser until they are dry.

When sterilising by steam, the indicator of BLUE turns to BLACK. When sterilizing by Ethylene Oxide the indicator of PINK turns to BROWN

Storage: (59°F/15°C – 85°F/29°C) (40% – 70% humidity) All pouches should be stored in a cool and dry environment.